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What is Certilogo?

Certilogo is a reputable company that specialises in brand authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions. They provide a platform where customers can verify the authenticity of their item. This is done by checking a QR code on a "smart tag".

What is a "smart tag" and where can I find it on my item?

A smart tag is a label/hang tag containing a QR code and 12 digit code.

What is the process of product verification?

Certilogo's authenticity service enables you to ensure the 100% authenticity of your purchase, effortlessly. You can verify the authenticity of your product by entering a unique code provided on Certilogo's platform or by scanning the QR code. This a

I found a product with a "smart tag", does this mean it's authentic?

Unfortunately not. The only way to ensure a product is authentic is by conducting an authentication verification with the smart tag. This process is straightforward and only requires a few minutes.