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How can you gain access to The Vault?Updated 20 days ago

  • “Tier 1 VIP customers” list consists of customers with $10,000 or more life time spend with the brand. When you reach this milestone or if you have already reached this milestone you will be automatically given access and notified. Once you have obtained your “Tier 1 VIP” status, access to The Vault is 24/7 and limited to your account only. Simply make sure you’re logged in which you can do from the footer of the website. If you don’t have a log in don’t worry, simply register with your customer details and it will be attached to your account.
  • Any customer that spends over the set access amount (this amount does change on a regular basis, for current amount please click on the cart a meter for entry will be listed) at any given time will gain a one-off 3 hour access code. That code will emailed to you after your checkout and order confirmation. The Vault email will have your code and log in details, simply follow the prompts and once you enter your code your timer will start. Please remember YOU DO NOT need to use your code straight away, feel free to use that access code whenever you wish.
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