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How can you gain access to The Vault?

“Tier 1 VIP customers” list consists of customers with $10,000 or more life time spend with the brand. When you reach this milestone or if you have already reached this milestone you will be automatically given access and notified. Once you have obta

How do I know I have gained access to The Vault?

Each item you add to your cart a “Vault Meter” will calculate how far you’re away from gaining Vault Access.

What happens if I close my browser while in the Vault?

If you close your browser window, or lose your browsing page. Not to worry. Your 3 hour access code will still work as long as 3 hours has not passed since originally entered. You can regain access by clicking the Vault link in the bottom footer of t

Can I buy as much as I want in The Vault?

All Vault purchases will be limited to 2 items per style. So yes you can buy for gifts for other people but only two per style.