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I've missed out on a high demand item!Updated 9 months ago

(Order processed after item has sold out)

Sadly this can happen - With high demand products comes an even higher traffic rate of visitors on the web store. Sadly what can happen from time to time is the item may have 10 pieces available and 15 visitors checking out at one time. Meaning some customers may miss out during that high frequency purchase period.

Our platform (Shopify, one of the worlds largest eCom platforms) still allows this purchase to go through when loading customer carts all at the same time. What then happens is when the orders are packed, the extra 5 purchases are place on back order.

We do endeavour to get back to any customer this may happen to within 24-72hrs. When and if this does occur the customer will receive a complete and full refund of the purchase and shipping amount.

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